Administration Specialist is a group of highly skilled and reputable professionals in Malta from different industries that have come together to build a setup in administration services, to provide the best outsourced solutions, and oversee all the administrative aspects of a company.

Outsourced services for your business

Flexible services to help you comply with business obligations

Registered office service

To build a successful business is a long hard journey with several demands and constant deadlines to adhere to. Working with Administration Specialist brings you access to several benefits. You do not need to employ your own staff, there will be no salary on-costs such as insurance, and you will pay only for the hours you need, freeing up your mind and pockets to concentrate on just generating your revenues for your own business.

What makes us different?

Administration Specialist is committed to quality, flexibility and speed. We understand your business needs and we are here to service you in the best possible way to put your mind at rest while lightening your workload.

We care about our clients and we are proud of our professional work. We strive for excellence, embrace change and challenges, and act with integrity and accept full accountability. Our desire to succeed unites us with our clients, as ultimately our clients’ goals are our goals.

Want to start using your time for more important business activities?

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